Monday, 9 April 2012

Falklands off radar as usual suspects corruption, embezzlement and 'judicial trash' corner Boudou 

'Argentine government in full force support Vice-president accused of embezzlement

The Argentine government came out in full force over the weekend to back Vice-President Amado Boudou after he was accused of embezzlement in what become known as the “Ciccone Case”.'

'Boudou defended himself from the allegations and denounced what he called an “attack” against the “popular” will and institutions during a press conference last week held at the Senate.

Investigators raided an apartment owned by Vice President Amado Boudou on last Wednesday as part of a court probe into possible influence peddling by the country's second-in-command. The investigation centres on whether Boudou helped printing company Ciccone Calcografica get out of bankruptcy in 2010 and later steered a contract to its new owners to print money.

Government officials and party colleagues voiced their support for the nation second in command. Cabinet chief Juan Manuel Abal Medina said “he was never going to give in control to businesses corporations and media groups,” as he stressed his support for Boudou.

Victory Front Senator Aníbal Fernández twitted the “media operation against Boudou was shameful,” and urged the Vice-President to “resist”.

During an interview to the official news agency Telam, the head of Victory Front's bloc in the Lower House Agustín Rossi also expressed his support for the Vice-President. “He is the victim of corporate attack which objective is to delegitimize last October’s popular vote,” he said.....'


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